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I stand corrected!!

About my friend that got fired, he did say something. There were 2 that witnessed it. Pretty much what happened is that The old lady was asking for a shopping cart and they weren't even that far. So he told her to go fucking get it yourself. He lied about it I guess, but I have to give it to him. He said the shit without hesitation. Today at work was something else. Almost everyone mad fun of . . . . . . well it's the guy that got fired that was made fun of. Oh and before that, The mateince guy told me something funny as hell. The new cart guy that was doing his job, hit an old lady and knock her and the cart down. I wasn't there but that shit was funny when he told me. OMG, he also told me that the husband was yelling at our boss about it and they had to call an ambulance to get her up. Holy shit, I was laughing my ass off so hard. Other than that, I had a good day today.