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Goku, Vegeta


I was hoping to go out tonight. I ended up not going out at all. I was thinking of going to go to the movies, but I don't want to waste my money on that. I'll go online shopping  with the money I have left. I got some advice for you who's reading this. DO NOT DEPEND ON PEOPLE WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR BIRTHDAY. Take me for example, I didn't go out tonight for my birthday because a certain person did not call me to tell me that it was cancelled. For that shit my other plans for tonight were fucked up and I got nothing out of it. I have Friday coming up, so I can go to the mall, but I dought that will happen. FUCKING A, I hate my birthday. For 5 fucking years straight my birthday has been nothing but shit. All I get is cake, a card and that's it. It's always something that gets in the way for my birthday. Even the little shit. I hope going to college next week is a whole lot better than this crap.


When I finally let go of this, a good thing happen. Here's something I learned, when it comes to getting things, forget about it. Just let it go.