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My Problem have gotten worse.

Last night  at work I felt a litte better after my b-day. I had to stay till 10:00pm because there was nobody else doing those cart but me. Then after my shift, I had to buy soda, cat food, and some bread. During my ride home, my mom told me that she almost got into a accident on the way to pick me. It seem like some dumb ass could not see the lines on the ground because it was foggy and he came close to hitting my mom with my young brother in the car. She had to turn out of the way to prevent collision. Other than that, she told me that she could not get off for next week because her boss would not allow it. Here's where the problem starts, I have to begin college on that following week. My mom said I have 2 options, 1; wait till January to start college. No way in hell am I accepting that option. Option 2, tell my instructors about my problem and let them know. I have to do that then, but I'm afraid that there may be another problem from that issue. It's worth a try though and it hope it goes through. well, wish me luck.