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It's been a long long time.

I haven't updated in a while now. I'm in college, but it's not my second semester. I wasn't able to finish my semester in fall 08 because I've been having some issues with other things. Since I been back in college, I've been working out more than I usually do and I tend to feel good about it. I've been unemployed for 3 months and I got my same job back. I'm good now, but I still have some problems in my life. My father who has never been there for me my whole life is someone I don't want to see. I blame him for all the problems I had to deal with. The bullying, the fact that I didn't have too many friends, the rejections I got and all of the fucking shit that I wish never happened to me. It's Pathetic that I had that shit happen to me, but I must forget all of that and move on. I just need to be 100% happy but I'm not. I was actually thinking about seeing someone, but with my friend problems with some of the women he's dealing with, I don't think that's going to happen now. Besides, I have to have a future for myself. A very good future.